Nov 292010

Following the decision of the Irish Medicines Board in February 2010 to limit the number of fluke products available for use in dairy cows, Mr. Pat McCormack, Chairperson of ICMSA Dairy Committee, said that dairy farmers are concerned that they do not have an adequate range of products to treat their cows.  Given that the Irish Medicines Board and Food Safety Authority of Ireland stated at the time that there were no concerns from a public or animal health viewpoint, ICMSA believes that it would be appropriate at this stage to carry out a review to determine whether further products could be used for the treatment of fluke in dairy cows.   

"Herd health is a hugely important issue for dairy farm productivity and farmers spent €211m in 2009 on veterinary related expenses.  In the kind of wet weather conditions we've experienced over the past number of years, treatment for fluke is hugely important and there is concern that some products farmers have traditionally used, and which they found were very effective for their requirements, are no longer available to them", said Mr McCormack    

In those circumstances, and given the need to maintain healthy animals, Mr. McCormack said that ICMSA believes that the relevant authorities should carry out a science-based assessment to determine whether a wider range of fluke products can be made available to dairy farmers. "We must endeavour to have the widest range of products available to dairy farmers while at all times fully protecting human and animal health", concluded the Dairy Committee Chairman

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