Oct 262011

ICMSA call on Minister to ‘speed up’ Dairy Equipment Scheme Approvals

 For those farmers who have applied under the Dairy Equipment Scheme, the next three months are the critical time to complete works under the scheme and the delay in issuing approvals is now causing real problems for individual farmers, according to Mr. John Comer, Deputy President and Chairperson of ICMSA Farm Services and Environment Commmittee.

 Of the 820 farmers who applied for the Dairy Equipment Scheme, we understand that, todate, only about 160 have received approval. Given the nature of dairy farming, most of the investment works to be carried out can only be done during the period when cows are dry, which is between now and next January for most farms.  Thus, it is absolutely essential, that the process of approving applications is speeded up so that farmers can commence the required works immediately and have the work completed when cows start milking again in the Spring 2012 period”, said Mr Comer.

 Mr. Comer called on the Minister for Agriculture, Food & Marine to ensure that the remaining approvals for the Dairy Equipment Scheme are issued before the end of October.


 Ends     25 October 2011.

 John Comer, 087-2057846,

Deputy President, ICMSA.


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