Feb 092012

ICMSA welcome reduced Septic Tank Charge but say clarification needed on bigger issues

 The Chairman of the ICMSA’s Farm Services and Environment Committee, Pat Rohan, has welcomed Minster Hogan’s announcement that the septic tank registration fee has been reduced from €50 to €5 for a limited period. But he repeated ICMSA’s opinion that there is no need for any registration charge whatsoever and he called on Minister Hogan to at least hold firm on his commitment that there will be no re-registration fee. The ICMSA chairman stated that these amendments certainly did not solve all the problems associated with this legislation.

 Mr. Rohan called on the Minister to immediately publish the standards which will apply to septic tanks and alleviate the worries of those many rural dwellers who are unsure of the levels of remedial work will be required. He pointed out that issues such as the treatment of ‘grey water’, number of inspections etc., are also questions that need to be answered in much greater detail than has been the case thus far. Mr Rohan said there was no group in the country as convinced of the importance of a clean environment as family farms and he said that ICMSA is acutely aware of the importance of properly functioning septic tanks to ensure protection of the environment and, most particularly, ground water.

 The Farm Services Chairman noted that one of the key aspects of this issue is likely to be the provision of a retro-fit scheme for rural dwellers to assist households that may have to incur significant costs in upgrading their system. Mr. Rohan concluded by stating that ICMSA will be actively engaging with the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government once the draft standards are published for public consultation and also working to secure funding for an adequate retro-fit scheme.

 Ends.                   8 February 2012.



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