Mar 022012


 ICMSA urges vigilance on Milk Contract details 

 On the day when the EU finally made compulsory contracts between dairy farmers and processors permissible under EU law,  Pat McCormack, Deputy President of ICMSA and Chairperson of their Dairy Committee, said that while it was highly unlikely that Ireland would avail of these EU provisions, individual Co-ops will introduce contracts and farmers and farmer board members must be ‘on their guard’ and exercise extreme vigilance to ensure that any such contracts are structured to take account of the interests of farmers as well as the processor.

 “The EU has introduced this legislation to replace quotas.   However, what we are seeing inIrelandis that, although milk quotas will be abolished in 2015, some processors seem intent on replacing annual quotas with what will effectively be monthly quotas that will take little or no account of weather conditions, etc., and their impact on milk production.   Dairy farmers – and their board members, in particular – must ensure that contracts are structured in a manner that takes account of Irish conditions and will allow Irish farmers to maximise the benefit of the grass-based production that is one of our main competitive advantages”, said Mr McCormack.

 Ends       2 March 2012.

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Chairman, Deputy President of ICMSA and Chairman of the Dairy Committee


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