May 012012


 ICMSA say Yes Vote the only sensible option

 The President of ICMSA, John Comer, has stated that any sensible examination of our options with reference to the upcoming referendum can only result in a recommendation to vote ‘Yes’.

 “We may not like the difficult economic position we are in. We may have different views regarding the cause and solution to the economic crisis but any rational examination will quickly tell you that it is in our best interest to vote ‘Yes’ in the upcoming Referendum”, said Mr Comer, who also confirmed that his Association’s National Council had unanimously endorsed a recommendation to support a ‘Yes’ vote. 

 “Many distortions of the facts and the purpose of the Treaty will be put before the electorate between now and voting day on 31 May.  However, none of these should hide the essential choice to be made which is that we either vote ‘Yes’ and rebuild our economy and our economic future jointly and with the help of our European partners, or we set ourselves adrift as a small open economy with an unsustainable debt level regardless of the cause or origin of that debt. The consequences for all families and business of the latter course are at best uncertain and, at worst, are potentially catastrophic. While everyone with a vote should grasp that essential choice it’s also true to observe that not all individuals would suffer the same as a result of a ‘No’ vote. People who are in secure employment in the public sector, or the non-traded sector, may have the luxury – in the short term – of voting ‘No’ as a protest against a  whole variety of domestic issues, but that luxury does not apply to people depending on the international traded sectors – most specifically, the farming and the food sector.  We do not have that luxury”, stated the ICMSA President. 

 “A ‘No’ vote could very well set in train a chain reaction which would be very negative for business in Ireland – particularly for the export dependant sectors.  The practical instruments necessary for development of our sector like access to credit at rates which are internationally competitive would be very difficult in the event of a ‘No’ vote as we would gradually but inexorably become disengaged from the European scene”, continued Mr Comer. 

 My strong advice to farmers is to be resolute and certain about what needs to be done on 31 May and that is to vote ‘Yes’. Our sector and our families and our future needs a vote in favour of the Fiscal Compact so let’s not leave the decision to others: Let’s take our future in our own hands and do what we can to ensure the result that we need. We need a huge turnout of farmers voting ‘Yes’ and I’m confident that we’ll get it”.

 Ends        1 May 2012.

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