Jun 192012


ICMSA invites applications for the position of General Secretary

 The Association invites applications for the position of General Secretary. ICMSA was founded in 1950 and for 62 years the Association has defended the interests of family farms with a particular emphasis on the dairy farming families who are the foundation of some of our most successful ‘Blue Chip’ food processing multinationals. The Association concentrates on promoting the most pragmatic policies, at national, local and European levels, that will enhance the opportunities open to farm families and allow our members to earn that income that is commensurate with their expertise, capital investment and lifetime commitment to their farms and to the fabric of rural Ireland

 That focus, in turn, defines the criterion required of applicants for this position, including:

  •  A complete understanding of Irish and European agriculture and agri-business with a specific accent on the dairy and beef sectors.
  • An understanding of the structure and function of both domestic and European legislature and process and understands how the Association’s views and policies can fed into that process to best effect
  • Strong leadership capability.
  • Proven management and commercial skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication and team-building skills.
  • Proven record in effective planning, strategy and organisational development.
  • Strong analytical capability and policy formulation.
  • Capacity to develop our present service model while preserving the best aspects of a proud and valuable heritage.


Those who feel qualified for this demanding but rewarding position should, in the first instance, send on a full CV to the following email address:  icmsahr@gmail.com   The closing date for applications is July 6th.