Sep 052012


ICMSA call on Glanbia to suspend Seasonality Penalties for 2012

 Glanbia should immediately suspend the milk seasonality penalties for 2012 and allow farmers to plan for the rest of the year without the threat of fines due on the milk supplied in June earlier this year according to Pat McCormack, Deputy President and Chairperson of ICMSA’s Dairy Committee. He said that the atrocious weather conditions over the summer had thrown milk production patterns way off the norms and that the quality of much winter fodder is poor. It was unfair and unworkable to suggest that farmers be forced to produce milk later this year simply to meet required percentages set down by Glanbia to avoid seasonality penalties.

 “ICMSA is being contacted by farmers from all over the Glanbia catchment area who very concerned that they could be facing fines running into thousand of euros unless they continue to milk later into the year beyond their normal ‘drying-off’ date. They face the threat of having to produce milk unprofitably simply to avoid penalties. Farmers simply have enough on their plate at present dealing with weather problems, reduced product prices and escalating costs, and Glanbia need to recognise the reality of 2012 and allow farmers to plan milk production for the rest of this year based on the realities on their farms rather than on arbitrary percentages”, said Mr McCormack.  

 “For many farmers, given the poor quality fodder and the high cost of concentrates, the best course of action and likely outcome is that cows will be ‘dried-off’ early. The board need to recognise the pressures on farmers and immediately suspend the seasonality penalties for 2012” concluded the Dairy Committee Chairman.

 Ends       5 September 2012.

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