Oct 162012


 Comer says BAI row-back on cheese advertising ban “a triumph of common sense and good science”

 The President of ICMSA, John Comer, said that the decision of the BAI to exempt advertising of cheese from the Nutrient Profiling Model the authority intends adopting is to be profoundly welcomed and represented a triumph of common sense and good science. He said that the BAI deserved recognition for acknowledging the error of their initial proposal and that the sector could now go forward to market Irish cheese as the healthy option for families it undoubtedly is.

 “The Irish dairy sector is leading the export drive that is the only feasible way to restore our national finances to health. The self-inflicted damage that would have been caused had this ban on advertising cheese been introduced would have been severe and really unforgivable – and worst of all, it would have been factually and scientifically incorrect. We now have solid domestic marketing and advertising platform to proceed from and that’s down to the good sense the BAI have demonstrated here”, said Mr Comer.

 Ends    12 October 2012.

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