Oct 192012

ICMSA calls for a further extension to Slurry Spreading period

 The Chairman of the ICMSA’s Farm Services and Environment Committee, Patrick Rohan, has expressed concern that despite the extension of two weeks to the slurry spreading date already given many farmers are still not in any position to spread slurry due to very difficult ground conditions.

 Mr. Rohan stated that incessant rain in many parts of the country is causing major problems for farmers with heavy land that has not dried out sufficiently to allow for spreading of slurry. He stated that flexibility on spreading dates is crucial in areas where land has been severely waterlogged over the past few months and that the large numbers of individuals concerned must not be tied by dates which take no account of the realities of farming in their areas and the atrocious weather in the past few months.

 “Many animals had to be taken in during the terrible summer and largely kept in, and with all stock inside now, this is adding to the pressure on slurry storage systems. The Minister must acknowledge the extreme conditions on farms and must further extend the slurry spreading period this winter in a way that allows this vital work to be done. ICMSA told him as much when we met him in Kerry recently. We simply must move past this outdated notion of arbitrary dates in a calendar that take no account of real conditions and work schedules. In a situation where farmers still have not spread their slurry – because they cannot due to record levels of rainfall – then the Minister must look at the situation, acknowledge that fact, and extend the spreading period again”, said Mr Rohan.

 Ends      19 October 2012.

 Patrick Rohan, 087-6253506

Chairman, ICMSA Farm Services & Environment Committee