Oct 102012


ICMSA wants terms and conditions of new AEOS schemes published immediately

 The Chairman of the ICMSA’s Farm Services and Environment Committee, Patrick Rohan, has called on the Department of Agriculture to immediately publish the proposed terms and conditions of the new AEOS scheme.

 Mr. Rohan stated that ICMSA has requested a meeting with the Department of Agriculture to get clarification on the details of the new scheme and also to ensure the payment of REPS as soon as possible. ICMSA believes that the new scheme must be simplified and stated that many farmers are experiencing difficulties with payments from the current schemes due to complications with receipts. He continued by saying that ICMSA is extremely disappointed with the level of payments in the existing AEOS scheme and the Association believes that AEOS will not prove to be a suitable replacement for REPS for the many thousands of farmers who were in REPS for many years and who are committed to environmental farm practices.   

 Ends          10 October 2012.

 Patrick Rohan, 087-6253506

Chairman, ICMSA Farm Services & Environment Committee


 Cathal MacCarthy. 087-6168758

ICMSA Press Office