Jan 302013


 ICMSA describes Tesco statement as “hypocritical and disingenous”

 The President of ICMSA, John Comer, has described the Tesco statement as more than a little hypocritical and disingenuous. While acknowledging that what had happened should not have happened and was completely unacceptable, Mr Comer said that Tesco and other massive retail multiples seemed to be content to shrug final responsibility for food safety onto the people behind them in the supply chain who themselves operated under margins that Tesco effectively dictated and which were often below the costs of production.

 Mr Comer said that the fact of the matter was that it was primary producers and farmers who had been ultimately paying the price of Tesco’s much publicised corporate adherence to the highest standard of food safety by being compelled to accept prices for excellent food that, more often than not, left them with little or no profit margin. In contrast, Tesco and their likes – who added nothing by way of value to the food product – took a huge and increasing margin of the final retail price.

 The ICMSA President said that ultimate fault for this latest scandal, and most of the preceding ones, lay squarely at the door of the ‘cheaper and cheaper food’ policy that had been adopted by Europe’s biggest multiples and the complete lack of any meaningful EU regulation of the margins being taken by the retail multiples at the expense – and often to the ruin – of their suppliers, especially the farmers. Mr Comer said Irish beef has a superb and well-merited reputation and it now required a concerted effort by all parties to restore our beef sector to its rightful position.

 Ends      30 January 2013.

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