Jan 162013


ICMSA President says state authorities deserve praise for rigorous upholding of standards in food testing and publication

 The President of ICMSA, John Comer, said that the most important fact to be grasped by all commentators was that there was absolutely no health risk posed by the horse DNA and that while the presence of this DNA was a matter of concern and one that warranted a very through investigation by the agencies responsible, there was no need for any degree of concern on any health grounds. Mr Comer went on to observe that the reputation of Ireland’s farming and food sectors for excellence represented the ‘family jewels’ of Ireland’s indigenous exporting sector and absolutely nothing could be permitted that might even raise the mildest question mark against those gold standards. That was why, he noted, the state authorities deserved praise for the rigorous upholding of those standards as evidenced by their detection and publication of the Horse DNA

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