Feb 252013

Mr. Pat McCormack, Deputy President of ICMSA and Chairperson of their Dairy Committee, has called on the Minister Coveney to immediately issue the payment due to dairy farmers participating in discussion groups under the Dairy Efficiency Scheme.

“Given the pressures on farmers at this time due to weather-related problems and the associated cash flow pressures, no-one should need reminding that every euro counts. The Minister can assist by immediately paying out the Dairy Efficiency Scheme which will help farmers through what is for many an unprecedented cashflow and farm management crisis.  While the weather this week has given some small respite, the reality is that massive feed bills have built up on farms and many farmers are a long way still from getting their cows and cattle to grass with little or no fodder supplies at this stage.  It is essential that every support is given to farmers at this time and the payment of the DES immediately would greatly help”, said Mr McCormack.

“The Dairy Efficiency Scheme has been a very positive factor for milk suppliers and it has proved to be a valuable support during the extreme difficulties being experienced at present. ICMSA is disappointed that the payment has been discontinued for 2013 and we would certainly single this out as one of the issues that must be reconsidered by the Minister” concluded Mr. McCormack.

Ends      22 February 2013.

Pat McCormack, 087-7608958

Deputy President, ICMSA