Feb 212013

The Chairperson of the ICMSA’s Farm Services and Environment Committee, Mr. Patrick Rohan, stated that there has been considerable concern among rural dwellers regarding the number of septic tank inspections that will be carried out and in this context has welcomed the publication of the National Inspection Plan for Septic Tanks by the EPA, stating that it provides a certain degree of clarity for homeowners on the areas that are most likely to be subject to inspection and the number of inspections per county.

 The 1,000 inspections will begin in July 2013 and will be carried out by suitably qualified and trained Local Authority staff. The Inspection Plan clearly states that a greater number of inspections will be targeted in what the EPA classify as high risk areas as compared to low risk areas, and unregistered septic tanks will be the initial target. Mr. Rohan stated that it is important to note that homeowners will be notified of an inspection at least 10 days in advance by their Local Authority and ICMSA advises – for safety reasons – that homeowners should ask for evidence of identification from individuals calling to their door.

 However Mr. Rohan was adamant that it is essential that the inspection process will not result in rural dwellers having to reach and comply with unnecessarily demanding standards. He stated that ICMSA believes that remedial work that ensures the septic tank no longer constitutes a risk to human health or the environment should suffice and that an appropriate time period should be allowed for the completion of these works, including taking account of ground and weather conditions.

 Ends      20 February 2013.

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