Feb 152013

The ICMSA Deputy President, Pat McCormack, said that while his association welcomed the price rises, specifically Glanbia and Kerry’s decision to move to 33 c/L, he said that any analysis of the market returns confirmed that there was more than ample room to have moved to a price of 34c/L. Mr McCormack, who also chairs the Dairy Committee, said that this kind of foot-dragging was always irritating to suppliers but in the context of the kind of unbearable and unprecedented cash-flow pressures that their suppliers were now experiencing, it could only be described as “inexcusable”.

“ICMSA would just note that in April 2011 the IDB index stood at 110 and at that stage suppliers were receiving 34 c/L. At present, the same index stands at 111 and processors and Co-ops are dragging their feet up to 33 cents per litre. We stress again that this figure of 34 cents per litre is not some kind of aspirational figure that we think the processors and co-ops should aim for; it is actually the price that we think should be paid for January milk and all the evidence supports us. Set against the background of the fodder crisis, and the ongoing and drastic weather difficulties, the decision by processors and Co-ops to delay passing-back the returns they are currently receiving for their products is just inexcusable”, said Mr McCormack.


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Deputy President, ICMSA.


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