Mar 202013


Commenting on yet another surge in the prices being reached at the latest Global Dairy Trade Auction, Pat McCormack, ICMSA Deputy President and Chairman of the Dairy Committee, said that the relative inaction of both the IDB and individual processors and Co-ops in the face of this hugely strengthened market is now compounding an unprecedented financial crisis on many family farms.  Mr McCormack said farmers could see plainly for themselves that demand for dairy products had now reached a momentum that saw a 25% jump in international prices in less than three weeks while all they heard from the IDB and their own processors or Co-ops was either a ‘deafening silence’ or a grudging and late price rise that in no way reflected the obvious buoyancy in markets..

“The refusal of the IDB and processors to accept the fact that farmers can see with their own eyes the extent and duration of this strong price surge is now frankly unbelievable. We can estimate very closely what they – the IDB and processors – should be receiving and yet they still persist in this inexplicable tactic of dragging their feet on the price being returned to the dairy farmers of Ireland. And they do this at a time when they must know that a proper milk price return was never more badly needed. This is outrageously unjust and farmers will not be fobbed off any longer. ICMSA expects every board in the country to deliver on a minimum 35 cents per litre milk price in the next round”, stated Mr McCormack.

Ends       20 March 2013.

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