Mar 122013

John Comer, the President of ICMSA, the specialist dairy farmers’ organisation, has said that there is widespread fear within the sector that the present proposals are going to sacrifice the interests of active and productive farmers for some excessively radical notion of redistribution, he pointed out that 80% of dairy farmers will see their payments reduced under Commissioner Ciolos’ current plan.  Mr Comer said that those calling for a radical movement towards a flat payment on every hectare were – whether wittingly or unwittingly – actually going to rob Irish farming and agri-business of its forward momentum and instead switch the emphasis to subsidising non-farming landowners and part-time ‘hobby’ farmers. Mr Comer said that such a move would be a fundamental and utterly destructive development that would undercut any prospect of Food Harvest 2020 being achieved as well as moving the whole sector backwards in a way that would take decades to repair.

Ends     11 March 2013.

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