Mar 052013

Commenting on the proposals put forward by the Irish Presidency in relation to CAP Post 2013, John Comer, President of ICMSA, said that while the document is an improvement on the Commission proposals, it still falls substantially short of Irish requirements.

The ICMSA president said that the percentage reductions in relation to convergence are very significant and will see payments fall considerably, even for farmers with low overall payments.  Mr. Comer said that the Minister should look again at the position of farmers with low overall payments but with high payments per hectare and seek to minimise the impact on this group.

Mr Comer said that family farms are the bedrock of the Irish Agri-food sector and they are largely dependent on farming for their income. He stated that any proposals that will undermine payments to these farmers are simply not acceptable.   Under the current proposals, these farmers will see their payments decline dramatically and will be further undermined by the ‘cheque book farming’ that may arise under the current proposals.  Family farms must be protected and the current proposals are deficient in this regard”, said the ICMSA President.

Ends.    5 March 2013


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