Apr 042013

The President of ICMSA, John Comer, has said that unprecedented weather experienced since last June has created massive problems in terms of psychological stress, physical effort and financial cost to farmers and the weather over the last number of weeks is actually intensifying that pressure. Mr Comer said that with fodder now in very short supply and very costly in all parts of the country, and with feed bills growing by the day, the situation has become desperate. He continued by noting that unless the weather improves considerably over the next week, many farmers are going to find themselves in even deeper trouble and it is essential that everyone from the Minister downwards plays their parts in helping those in difficulty.

According to Mr Comer people should be in no doubt: that there has been a very real crisis at farm level since 2012 and the position of many family farms is reaching truly dire straits as the weather continues to work against them.   “Even when the weather improves – which please God it will shortly – cashflow on farms is likely to be a major issue for the rest of 2013 as farmers attempt to pay off the massive feed bills incurred and those involved in the other chains of the agriculture sector from the Co-ops to the banks need to realise this and base plans – and treat the farm families concerned – within that reality”, said the ICMSA President.


Ends               3 April 2013.

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