May 302013

The Chairman of the ICMSA’s Farm Services and Environment Committee, Patrick Rohan, has welcomed the announcement by Minister Coveney of the awarding of 6,000 AEOS 3 Contracts.

Mr. Rohan stated that while this is a positive announcement it must be recognised that approximately 9,500 farmers have been in limbo since they applied for AEOS 3 almost six months ago. He stated that it is regrettable that many of the unsuccessful applicants have been participating in REPS since its inception but now find themselves without any option to participate in an Agri-Environment Scheme.

Mr. Rohan concluded by stating that it is essential a properly funded Agri-Environment Scheme is provided for under Pillar II of the new CAP.

Ends     30 May 2013.

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Chairman, ICMSA Farm Services & Environment Committee


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