Jun 142013

The Chairman of the ICMSA’s Rural Development Committee, Mr. Willie O’ Donoghue, has urged all rural dwellers and visitors to rural areas to be extra vigilant over the next few weeks as farmers take advantage of the current dry spell to harvest silage. Farmyards and rural roads are extremely busy at the moment with contractors and farmers under pressure to get silage in as quickly as possible.

Mr. O’ Donoghue said that ICMSA are appealing to both farmers and contractors to ensure all work is carried out on a ‘safety-first’ basis with no relaxation of vigilance or safety standards to be permitted. He urged all road users to be aware of the dangers of increased agricultural traffic on rural roads and the need to slow down and exercise caution at all times.

The ICMSA Rural Development Chairman concluded by stating that it is precisely when the temptation to rush is greatest that the need for extra concentration and commitment to best safety practice is necessary and he specifically asked visitors to rural areas to be especially careful and alert at all times but especially in the evening.

Ends      13 June 1013.

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Chairman, ICMSA Rural Development Committee


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