Jul 112013

The Deputy President of ICMSA, Pat McCormack, has stated that his association expects announcements of a June milk price of 40c/L from co-ops and processors when they meet over the next few days to set their prices. Mr McCormack, who is also Chairman of the Dairy Committee, said that recent international auction prices and demand had demonstrated a consistent strength that had translated into the Irish Dairy Board announcing a rise in its index from 124.7 to 126.6. Against that background of a higher index, Mr McCormack said that ICMSA was now insisting upon a price of 40c/L for June milk as an absolute minimum.

“This is not speculative request on the part of ICMSA. We know for certain that the IDB index now easily supports that price of 40c/L and we are insisting that the co-ops and processors pay that to their milk suppliers who, as everyone know, are still in many cases reeling from the costs incurred during late Spring’s fodder crisis and who are also seeing their margins – already modest – being steadily eroded by input inflation like diesel and fertiliser. In that context farmers will expect to see their June milk hit 40c/L as a minimum and ICMSA will monitor the prices being set as they are announced.

Ends      5 July 2013.

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