Dec 132013

The Chairman of the ICMSA’s Farm Services and Environment Committee, Mr. Patrick Rohan, has stated that Farmers and advisors must be aware of the requirements to have all Record of movement of organic fertiliser (Record 3) and Proof of 2013 Rental/Grazing agreement (Record 5) forms submitted to Nitrates Section, Johnstown Castle Estate on or before 31 December 2013. Mr. Rohan stated that failure to return the Record by this date will result in a significant penalty and believes the Department must revisit this decision of not accepting records after December as prior to 2012 records were accepted well into the following year.

Mr. Rohan stated that all farmers should either have access to their interim Nitrogen and Phosphorus statement online on or have received a text message in October covering cattle numbers held on the farm for the 9 month period January to September 2013. If a herd owner does not have access to online or SMS text alert notification services, the interim N&P statements can be obtained from the regional offices or from the Department’s Nitrates Section, JohnstownCastle, Wexford. He continued to say that it is vital farmers use this information to indicate if they may be approaching or exceeding the 170Kg Nitrogen per hectare limit set down in the Nitrates regulations.

The Farm Services Chairman concluded by stating it is essential for any farmer who has exported slurry to ensure they complete and return Record 3 for all slurry exported from the farm by 31 December 2013 in order to avoid a Nitrates penalty.

Ends.        13 December 2013

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Chairman, ICMSA Farm Services & Environment Committee.


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