Jan 172014

The Chairman of the ICMSA’s Farm Services and Environment Committee, Mr. Patrick Rohan, has stated that the problems associated with ‘calendar farming’ are clearly evident over the past few days as wet weather has prevented many farmers from spreading slurry. He stated that farmers are extremely frustrated in many areas as they have been unable to get slurry out due to the poor weather conditions since the open period commenced.

Mr. Rohan stated that weather experienced during this open period make a very stark contrast to the ideal weather and ground conditions experienced throughout the country in October, November and December. “Grass was growing during this period, ground conditions were excellent but farmers were prevented from spreading slurry due to these demonstrably impractical ‘calendar farming’ restrictions. ‘Calendar farming’ simply does not work. ICMSA has put forward constructive proposals to address this matter and we repeat our conviction that as part of the Nitrates negotiations currently underway with the EU Commission, the Government must seek changes on this matter”, stated Mr Rohan.

Mr. Rohan said as unusual weather patterns become more frequent and precisely at a time when more flexibility was required, it simply made no sense whatsoever to be designating dates and periods on a calendar with no reference to the practicalities and the opportunities that might arise.

Ends         16 January 2014

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