Feb 192014

The Chairman of the ICMSA’s Farm Services and Environment Committee, Patrick Rohan, has warmly welcomed the confirmation given yesterday by Minister Varadkar that a derogation is to be allowed from the 4.65 meter vehicle height restriction for the haulage of hay and straw. Mr Rohan said the specialist dairy farmers’ organisation has been pursuing this issue with Minister Varadkar for some time and was delighted that he has agreed to this derogation. ICMSA had always felt that the 4.65 metres limit would have pointlessly increased costs considerably for farmers in the transportation of straw, hay and haylage across the country and also created logistical and financial difficulties for the importation of forages. Mr Rohan said that the minister’s decision is precisely the kind of practical and rational response from Government that we need more of and Minister Varadker deserves recognition for his sensible and speedy response to the problem once it was highlighted. He should follow this up by ensuring that the Statutory Instrument is signed into law as soon as possible”, said Mr Rohan.

Ends      19 February 2014.

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