Feb 112014

Commenting on the commencement of the public consultation period for the Agri-taxation Review, the President of ICMSA, John Comer, said that he hoped that the process will involve genuinely identifying issues with the taxation system and putting forward solutions. He said that ICMSA will be happy to participate in the review on that basis.

“Irish agriculture is facing into a period of both enormous change and challenges, and the taxation system must allow farm families to address that reality. ICMSA broadly agrees with the key policies as identified in the review, but we believe there must also be an additional focus on how the taxation system can promote ‘on-farm’ investment in a manner that will not only benefit farm families, but also the wider economy, specifically, the wider rural economy”, said Mr. Comer.

While acknowledging improvements in recent Budgets, Mr. Comer noted that the taxation system remains a major barrier to positive change and he called for it to be restructured in a way that would allow farm families develop in a sustainable way.  He said that ICMSA will engage with the Review in a proactive manner but would clearly resist any attempts to undermine existing tax reliefs unless acceptable alternatives were put forward.

Ends             11 February 2014.

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