Apr 092014

Commenting on the AIB announcement, John Comer, President of the ICMSA, the state’s specialist dairy farmer organisation, said that the funding increase and upgrading of AIB’s agri-advisory team was an important vote of confidence in the farming sector, in general, and in the skill and technical ability of the state’s milk suppliers, in particular.  Mr. Comer said that the post-quota era would bring with it both challenges and opportunities but that he was positive that our farmers would expand their milk production at a cautious rate that matched the predicted increase in demand.  All of the projections for Irish farming, food production and agri-exports presupposed adequate and competitive credit and a solid support and commitment at Government and EU level, if either of these were to falter, the huge potential must remain unrealised, said Mr. Comer.


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President, ICMSA.


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