Aug 202014

Speaking in advance of tomorrow’s (Thursday) National Conference on Farm Safety and Health, ICMSA President, Mr. John Comer, stated that farming is increasingly becoming one of the most dangerous of all sectors, with seventeen people killed on Irish farms since the start of the year. This is already one more than for the whole of last year and represents a tragically high rate of farm fatalities in 2014. Mr. Comer urged all farmers to keep their safety and that of their families at the forefront of their mind at all times.

The ICMSA President stated the National Conference on Farm Safety and Health is extremely important in terms of raising awareness among farm families of the inherent dangers in their everyday activities and thereby working to reduce the level of farm accidents. However, Mr. Comer stated that the Conference will also provide an opportunity to reflect on a year which to-date has seen a very worrying increase in farm fatalities.

Mr. Comer stated that farmyards are extremely busy places particularly at certain times of the year and that care must be taken at all times to ensure all work is carried out in a safe environment and that at no time must safety standards be relaxed.

In conclusion, Mr Comer stated that ICMSA will be working with its members to ensure that they carry out their work in a safe manner thereby minimizing the number of accidents resulting in injury or death.

ENDS.  20 August 2014

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