Nov 102014

The President of ICMSA, John Comer, said that Mr Walsh was held in the highest esteem by farmers and their families having led Irish Agriculture through some of its most challenging times including BSE and Foot-and-Mouth outbreaks. Mr Comer said that Mr Walsh’s undoubted expertise was complemented by a real affection for, and commitment to, the farming community and the farmers, in turn, always knew that when represented by the popular Clonakilty man their case was being put with consummate skill and dignity. Mr Comer also noted that Mr Walsh’s innate courtesy and immaculate manners belied a steely determination and unerring political instinct that was certainly recognised by people like Franz Fischler, with whom he enjoyed a good relationship, and the French Government, who awarded him honours. Mr Walsh’s passing was noted with genuine regret by the membership of ICMSA and condolences were offered to Mr Walsh’s family.

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