Nov 032014

Speaking from China where he is part of the Irish Trade Mission delegation, Mr. John Comer, President of ICMSA, said that the announcement that a formal inspection team from China will visit Ireland in December is a very welcome development and will hopefully lead to full access for Irish beef to the Chinese market going forward.   Ireland has a huge reputation as a quality beef producer and I sincerely hope that we can convince the Chinese authorities of our excellent standards and hopefully develop a strong market for Irish beef in China where demand for beef is expecting to grow strongly over the next five years.

With the difficulties faced by Irish beef producers over the last year, Mr. Comer said, that it is quite obvious that Irish beef producers need access to as many markets as possible and the Chinese market can present Irish farmers with further opportunities.

With a population of over 1.3 billion people and a growing middle class, the Chinese food market presents huge opportunities for a food exporter like Ireland and from my discussions and visits so far, I believe that Ireland is developing an excellent reputation in China that must be developed further and from a farmer perspective, it is essential that these developments return a stronger price to the primary producer, concluded Mr. Comer.

ENDS     03 November 2014

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President ICMSA