Jan 062015

The Chairperson of ICMSA’s Livestock Committee, Michael Guinan, said his association is being inundated with complaints from farmers who have been offered a flat €3 as a Quality bonus by meat factories. Mr Guinan described this development as an insult and he noted that it represents a shameless reneging on what Meat Industry Ireland freely undertook to deliver just six-odd weeks ago.  The ICMSA Chairperson said that If the word of Meat Industry Ireland is to mean anything then the meat factories and processors really have to grasp the fact that other parties expect them to follow-through on commitments they have made and not always to be looking for a chance to ‘welsh’ and row-back on agreements.  Farmers – as well as Minister Coveney and his team – are being taken for fools by this tactic and it completely undermines the credibility and reputation of the Beef Roundtable process”, said Mr Guinan.

Ends    6   January 2015.

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