Jan 062015

Commenting on the outcome of the first Global Dairy Trade Auction of 2015, Mr. Pat McCormack, Deputy President and Chairperson of ICMSA’s Dairy Committee said that considering all the negativity surrounding milk price at present, the 3.6% increase in the Global Dairy Trade Auction was certainly a positive start to 2015 and would provide adegree of hope for dairy farmers, particularly considering that this was the second auction in a row to see prices rise. Mr McCormack noted that there were increases across all range of products traded ranging from 1.6% to 13.2%.


“While the market undoubtedly has some way to go in relation to stability, farmers expect – and are perfectly entitled to expect – that Co-ops will not take knee-jerk decisions in relation to  milk price but will wait to determine how markets are going to develop.  In addition, dairy farmers are expecting a significant dividend from our milk processors and marketers in 2015 following the significant investments made over the last number of years in terms of capacity, product development and routes-to- market. If these investments are to mean anything, then they must protect farmers during periods of market downturn, and that is the basis on which farmers will judge them. This momentous year has just begun and these auction prices are to be warmly welcomed but we are still urging the industry, the Minister and the EU Commission to put in place plans to protect farmers in the event that prices fall to unsustainable levels in 2015”, concluded Mr. McCormack.


Ends     6 January 2015.


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