Jan 292015

The Deputy President of ICMSA has said that latest announcement on compensation levels on BVD from the Minister of Agriculture, Food and the Marine misses the point again and shows that Minister Coveney is still failing to understand the real issues in relation to BVD – the retention of Persistently Infected (PI) animals.

Mr Pat McCormack, who also chairs the ICMSA Dairy Committee, said that the drive and commitment coming from the Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine should be aimed at getting rid of BVD out of Ireland once and for all. But Mr McCormack pointed out that almost 40% of PIs retained in 2014 were on dairy herds and yet the compensation packages have consistently ignored beef breeds within the dairy herd.  That fact had to be confronted, according to Mr McCormack, and Minister Coveney had to face up to the reality that BVD eradication had to mean PIs being removed from all herds.

“The other two major initiatives that need to be addressed directly by the Minister are the notification of neighbouring herds where a PI animal is held for longer than the required length for a re-test and the notification of the veterinary practitioners. These issues should be dealt with directly by the Minister and not “fudged” by passing it back to the implementation group that is failing to get agreement.  This is the final year of testing for those who entered in the compulsory year and the fourth year for voluntary herds and it is not good enough that after three years of clear testing that a herd could be put in danger due to not knowing that a neighbour is holding PI animals”, concluded Mr. McCormack.

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