Feb 022015

The Chairperson of Limerick ICMSA, Thomas Blackburn, has warmly welcomed today’s announcement that €25 million is to be invested in a new Dairy Processing Technology Centre based in the University Of Limerick. The new facility will be utilised by both institutions and producers to develop the new technologies needed to maximise the benefits that could flow following the abolition of milk quotas in two months time.  Mr Blackburn pointed out that Limerick supplies around 9% of the state’s total milk production and that the potential for double-digit growth in this area was enormous. Mr Blackburn also noted that ICMSA, which is headquartered in Limerick, has been very critical of UL’s reluctance to engage with the regional dairy industry which is, by far, the region’s biggest indigenous economic activity.  It was over two years ago  that  ICMSA had urged UL to involve itself in this area which is of such importance to UL’s hinterland in Limerick,  North Cork,  Tipperary,  North Kerry and East Clare and the Association was satisfied to see the institution finally grasp the huge potential –  economic and technological – that the dairy sector offered. Mr Blackburn urged UL to go further and introduce specialist undergraduate and postgraduate courses in agri-economics and other agri-related disciplines so that Limerick can position itself as a food hub and centre of excellence.

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