Feb 092015

Commenting from New York, the President of ICMSA, John Comer, said that the reception the Irish Beef Promotion was receiving and the potential of the market added up to a very significant opportunity for the Irish beef sector. Mr Comer said that much ‘behind-the-scenes’ work had already been done and the Irish effort looked  to be at least 12 months ahead of any of our European competitors.  The ‘first mover advantage’ that might accrue to the Irish campaign was potentially very substantial and the opening-up of the US market would mean that Irish beef’s over-reliance on the UK market could be greatly reduced with farmers’ prices being much less vulnerable to manipulation and downward management by factories. Mr Comer also noted the additional commercial opportunity to enter the “Green Beef” segment of the US market but he cautioned that all stakeholders must keep their eye on this market to ensure that returns are gathered to their fullest extent.   The already apparent success of the US  promotion  was unalloyed good news for Irish farming and a credit was due to the Minister and his  team for both seeing and seizing the initiative ,  said Mr Comer.

Ends       9 February 2015.

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