Apr 012015

The President of the Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association (ICMSA) has said that the ending of the era of milk quotas represents an opportunity for the Irish agri-food industry and its wider rural economic foundation to take a massive step forward with confidence. John Comer said the Irish agri-sector was entitled to feel confident about the post-quota era based on our grass-based system and internationally recognised standards of excellence but he stated that those most entitled to feel the benefits of the ending of quotas were the people milking the cows, making the investments, and borrowing the money to do so. Mr Comer said that the success or failure of Irish post-quota milk production rested completely on the ability and willingness of Irish processors to pay a milk price commensurate with the effort and investments made by their farmer-suppliers. Mr Comer said that we should remember that the whole multi-billion euro sector rested completely on the efforts of those farmer-suppliers and they were entitled to at least as much reward as every other link in the chain to the consumer.

Ends        1 April  2015.

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