Jul 242015

Commenting on the farmer protests in France at present over poor milk and beef prices, Mr. John Comer, President of ICMSA said, that financial pressures are beginning to build on dairy farms as a result of the milk price reductions from 39 cents per litre last year to as low as 27 cents per litre at present, along with the payment of superlevy fines and expansion related debt.

Farmers are becoming frustrated at the lack of action from the Irish Government and the EU Commission in relation to measures to stabilise dairy markets.   ICMSA had warned that this would happen in the event of an over supplied market and inaction from the policymakers is simply not acceptable.   Unless farmers see light at the end of the tunnel shortly and with some action at national and EU level to stabilise milk prices, Mr. Comer warned, that this frustration will grow amongst farmers and they will make their feelings known.

In relation to the measures to support farmers announced by the French Government, Mr. Comer concluded, that the proposal to delay the payment of income tax for a period of three months has direct relevance to Irish farmers and Irish farmers will argue strongly if it can be done in France when product prices are poor, there is absolutely no reason why a similar initiative cannot be introduced in Ireland.

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