Jul 202015

The President of the ICMSA, Mr. John Comer, has today welcomed the commitment in the Review of the Nursing Home Supports Scheme published by the Minister for Primary Care, Social Care and Mental Health, Ms. Kathleen Lynch that the treatment of farm assets under the Fair Deal scheme will be reviewed.

ICMSA, Mr. Comer said, has consistently argued that the current treatment of farm assets is very unfair, inequitable and could render the family farm unviable in the unfortunate situation where a family member has to spend a long period of time in a Nursing Home with the result that the farm may have to be sold to meet the debt.   The farm assets are the assets that generate the farm income and it is absolutely essential that this is recognised and that the next generation of farmers are not burdened with excessive levels of payments that could effectively put them out of business.

The announcement of a review of the current assessment today is welcome and it is important that the review is completed as soon as possible and that a new system is put in place to recognise the valid concerns of farm families on this matter, concluded Mr. Comer.

ENDS.     20 July 2015

John Comer is at (087) 2057846.

President ICMSA