Aug 182015

Reacting to the news that Aldi and Lidl have promised UK farmers to pay 28p per litre for milk as and from Monday 17 August, Mr Pat McCormack of the ICMSA said that Irish farmers looked forward to receiving a similar price assurance as soon as possible and he noted that the 28 pence per litre UK price would translate to a price of the order of 38 cents per litre in Ireland, a figure, Mr McCormack noted,  which was some 10 cents per litre more than most Irish milk suppliers are currently receiving.  The ICMSA Deputy President called on the German-headquartered discount giants not to differentiate between Irish and British suppliers in terms of what they would pay as a minimum price and he said that Irish milk suppliers were entitled to assume that Aldi and Lidl will commit to a similar currency-adjusted minimum price here within the next few days. Mr McCormack said that announcement would prompt an intriguing question as to why Aldi and Lidl could pay a price equivalent to 38 cents per litre, but Dunnes, Supervalu and Tesco could not – or would not”

Mr McCormack said the milk price to farmers has fallen by about 35% in a year but hasn’t fallen to the consumer by a single cent so the retail multiples had obviously ‘gobbled up’ the farmers’ margins and were now in the position where they seemed happy to watch milk suppliers actually losing money on producing the milk on which they – the supermarkets – are now taking an even bigger margin. The ICMSA Deputy President said it was a grossly unfair system that’s gone on for far too long and which is steadily wiping out Europe’s indigenous family farm system and the community-based, sustainable model of farm that system guaranteed.

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