Nov 042015

Reacting to the news of Bank of Ireland’s decision to withdraw more services from their customers with their banks, John Comer, President of ICMSA, decried the decision as ridiculous and out of touch with their customers who value the face to face service with their bank.

This decision is yet another example of the withdrawal of services from both rural and urban customers alike. The very essence of the these new rules  meaning  that customers will be no longer be able to withdraw less than €700 or lodge less than €3,000 at the counter is akin to closing the branch completely.  At a time when the cost of bank services are increasing coupled with high interest rates in comparison to our European counterparts,  Bank of Ireland are out touch with the reality that a reliable customer service is key to the future of banking in Ireland.

Concluding, Mr. Comer is asking Bank of Ireland to reverse its decision immediately, and if not, the Government and the Central bank should step in and ensure the minimum level of services is provided to its customers into the future.

Ends     4 November 2015

John Comer, 087 2957846

President ICMSA