Feb 022016

Commenting on the changes announced by the Minister for Agriculture, Food and Marine, Mr. Simon Coveney, in relation to TB compensation, the ICMSA Deputy President, Mr Pat McCormack, said that the changes announced in relation to the Income Supplement scheme for dairy cows were certainly positive and while they still fell short in relation to full compensation for those farmers unfortunate enough to be restricted due to TB, the change is certainly a move in the right direction.  The inclusion of dairy farmers in the Hardship Scheme while supplying milk, the improved ceilings for individual animals and the amendment to the 10% rule for income supplement in relation to dairy cows would also be seen as positive progress and addressed a number of key concerns farmers have had with TB compensation schemes over the years.

However, and on the negative side, Mr McCormack said that ICMSA was disappointed that the depopulation grant for dairy animals was being reduced and considered it unjustified given the massive income loss and disruption suffered by a dairy farmer in the event of a depopulation.   Mr McCormack said the reduction in the EBI co-efficient from €1.35 to €0.50 is a most retrograde step in ICMSA’s view and the association will be meeting with the Department this week seeking a reversal of this decision.  He pointed out that dairy farmers have been encouraged to embrace the EBI concept and it is very disappointing  – to  say the least – that farmers who have followed this advice and improved the genetics of their herd to fulfil the Department’s ambitions for Food Harvest would now find themselves penalised in this  way.

Ends       2 February 2016.

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