Mar 292016

The Chairperson of ICMSA Livestock Committee, Michael Guinan, said that farmers’ mystification on the role that QPS was playing in the setting of cattle prices was increasingly turning to anger as its “utterly one-sided and partisan function” became even more apparent. “It is no longer tenable for any serious observer to pretend that QPS serves any function other than to facilitate the factories attacking farmers’ margins. In fairness to ICMSA, we said that was what it was designed to do from Day One, but everyone now – and certainly everyone that purports to represent farmers – must agree that it has outlived any usefulness it ever had and now exists merely to enable factories to play around with regulations and rules that come out of nowhere, in response to no real problem, but are all then employed to making sure that farmers are ‘outside’ whatever bonuses are available”.

Ends    29 March 2016.

Michael Guinan, 086-8766851

Chairperson, ICMSA Livestock Committee