Mar 042016

 Following numerous complaints in relation to delays in the payment of the Beef Data and Genomics Programme, the Chairperson of the ICMSA Livestock Committee, Michael Guinan has called on the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine to make these payments immediately and in full to all applicants who fulfilled their part of the programme by successfully completing the very strict criteria of the scheme.  Mr. Guinan said that ICMSA has received numerous complaints on this issue and the dilemma the farmers faced was particularly acute as the Spring period is traditionally a very challenging period in terms of cash-flow and it is simply unfair and unacceptable that those farmers who made such strenuous efforts to comply with such rigorous terms and conditions are facing these delays in their payments for no obvious reason.

“It is totally unfair and hugely frustrating that these payments are still outstanding and have not been made to all compliant farmers and represents another clear breach of the Farmers Charter which clearly states that ‘payments will be made when a farmer becomes compliant with the scheme’. That’s not happening and farmers are asking the simple question of why is it that those who are compliant – and accepted as being compliant – are still waiting for their payments through no fault of their own and without any kind of adequate explanation”, said Mr Guinan.

“Farmers have entered this scheme in good faith, met the compliance criteria and paid the associated costs and the Minister for Agriculture, Food & Marine must immediately instruct the Department to pay these farmers and ensure they have full payment by the end of this week”, said the ICMSA Livestock Chairperson.

ENDS.    3 March 2016.

Michael Guinan,  086-8766851

Chairperson,  ICMSA Livestock Committee.


Cathal MacCarthy, 087-61687758

ICMSA Press Office