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27.11.15 Pictured during the ICMSA AGM is Pat McCormack, ICMSA deputy president. Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association AGM. Southcourt Hotel, Limerick. Picture credit: Diarmuid Greene/FusionshootersSpeaking in advance of today’s Farmers Charter meeting, the Deputy President of ICMSA, Pat McCormack, said that there is growing concern and conviction amongst farmers that Department inspectors are not giving the maximum notice period for inspections allowable under the regulations and he intends raising the matter.

The ICMSA Deputy President said that in a year where stress levels at dairy farm level are already unacceptably high due to the present depressed state of milk prices, it beggared belief that we have a situation where Department Inspectors are not giving the maximum period of notice leaving farmers expected to drop everything and be fully prepared for an inspection at such short notice. He pointed out that the level of documentation associated with an inspection is very significant and particularly at this time of year when individuals are extremely busy. In those circumstances, it is simply not on that a farmer gets less than 24 hours notice to be prepared for an inspection.  The Farmers Charter contained a number of measures agreed in relation to inspections that required the maximum period of notice to be given to be effective and ICMSA will be insisting that the Department observe those measures by applying the maximum notice period to farmers selected for inspection.

“It was agreed; it’s in the Charter and we’re going to insist that they comply with it”, said Mr. McCormack.

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