Jul 182016

John Comer and Minister Creed

Commenting on the €500m package announced by the EU Agriculture Ministers today, the President of ICMSA, Mr. John Comer said that the success or failure of this package will depend on its delivery of an increased milk price and in this regard, Mr. Comer said it is important that this package is implemented immediately before the traditional EU holiday break.


Speaking from Brussels, Mr. Comer said that firstly, it is essential that the Irish Government fully matches the €11m EU package that Ireland had received and that these funds are used to support dairy farmers in what is an extremely difficult period.  In relation to the €150m voluntary supply reduction scheme, Mr. Comer welcomed the EU decision to deliver this scheme at EU level so that all EU farmers have the option to participate in the scheme.      This scheme is voluntary so it provides farmers with the option to reduce production  while market prices are poor but importantly, it does not prevent farmers from expanding if they wish.


Concluding, Mr. Comer emphasised that this package must be implemented immediately and we cannot wait until September and importantly, the Irish Government must put its shoulder to the wheel and match the available EU funds.



ENDS.     18 July 2016


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President ICMSA