Oct 212016

Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers' Association (ICMSA).  - Photo: Kieran Clancy   © 19/1/12

Commenting on the progress of the BPS/Greening payments, ICMSA Deputy President, Pat McCormack said that there has been a significant improvement on the position from last year and this has to be acknowledged and credit given.  There are still farmers awaiting payment and incurring interest and other charges that are compounding an already very stressed financial situation. “We’d like to see the Department ensuring that all payments are finalised and paid within the next two weeks so that the farmers, in turn, can start paying off their many outstanding bills at this time of year – notably, the annual tax bill. The main outstanding issues appear to relate to the digitisation of maps and entitlement issues, both which are generally outside the control of the farmer at this stage and again we’d like the Department to be cognisant of this and finalise these cases immediately”,  he said.

Ends    21 October 2016.

Pat McCorrmack, 087-7608958

Deputy President, ICMSA.