Oct 182016

21/04/2014 John Comer, President of the The Irish Creamery Milk Supplier Association (ICMSA) on his farm in Ballyvary, Co. Mayo, Ireland. Photo : Keith Heneghan / Phocus.

The President of ICMSA, John Comer, said that there was already a degree of anxiety in the country as the first day of GRA and AGSI industrial action approached and he envisaged that becoming more pronounced as the countdown developed. Mr Comer said that the elderly people would be particularly upset at the idea that no-one was ‘keeping an eye out’ in terms of law and order and he said that the fact that the days of industrial action were advertised so publicly and widely had stoked fears that the urban and suburban gangs – dented so notably by Operation Thor – might take advantage of the non-policing to maraud outwards to rural areas they had previously victimised.

“We have to have a resolution and the responsibility is on all sides to make sure that the citizens of the state – particularly the old living and frail – are not burdened with worry and anxiety that they might be subject to criminal acts with no official protection or response. That’s just unacceptable”, said the ICMSA President.

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