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Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers' Association (ICMSA).  - Photo: Kieran Clancy   © 19/1/12Commenting on the latest update from the Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine regarding the large discrepancy in numbers between TAMS applications and payments, the Chairperson of ICMSA’s Farm & Rural Affairs Committee, Patrick Rohan, explained that the significant gap between the 4,964 applications made and 507 actually paid is due more or less completely to the income collapse suffered by farmers over the last 18 months with the result that while farmers were committed to carrying out the work set out in their applications, they just hadn’t the money at the moment to contemplate doing the work before claiming the grants.

“It is very clear at this stage that at the start of 2016, dairy farmers in particular took the decision to cancel projects and investments based on the milk price predictions for the year and it is equally clear likely that, for many, the investments will be delayed till well into 2017 when they have some chance of ‘getting on top’ of existing bills and have confidence in relation to the direction of milk, beef and sheep meat prices and are confident of repaying any loans associated with the investments.  That’s the realistic timeline and any reduction in the three year period to complete works would be unfair and defeat the purpose inasmuch as it could force farmers to push through with the projected investment on a financially unsustainable basis causing long term damage to the farm enterprise.  The three year window to complete investments is critically important in this regard”, noted Mr. Rohan.

For those who have completed their investments, Mr. Rohan urged submission of properly completed payment application forms as soon as possible as the funding is available to meet these payments. He said that the costs involved in TAMS investments are considerable and early payment of the grant will reduce bank and merchant interest charges while also assisting the Department in the management and budgeting of this multiannual scheme.

Ends      1 December 2016.

Pat Rohan, 087-6253506

Chairperson, ICMSA Farm & Rural Affairs Committee


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