Dec 212016

Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers' Association (ICMSA). - Photo: Kieran Clancy © 19/1/12

 Following the closure of the third tranche of the Green Low-Carbon Agri-environment Scheme (GLAS), the Chairman of the ICMSA’s Farm and Rural Affairs Committee, Mr. Patrick Rohan, has called on Minister Creed to immediately provide additional funding to ensure all valid applicants are allowed access to the Scheme.

“The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine initially committed to providing funding for a total of 50,000 participants in GLAS but there has been considerable demand for the Scheme with the two most recent Tranches significantly oversubscribed. In excess of 2,500 farmers did not gain access to Tranche 2 despite having incurred the cost of preparing plans and Tranche 3 applicants are now facing the same problem with the scheme once again oversubscribed. GLAS has proven to be a very popular scheme with measurable environmental benefits and we should build on this which is why ICMSA is calling on Minister Creed to utilise unused funds from other areas and divert that money to GLAS to allow entry for all valid applicants in Tiers 1, 2 & 3”, stated Mr. Rohan.

Ends       21 December 2016.

Patrick Rohan, 087-6253506

Chairperson, ICMSA Farm & Rural Affairs Committee


Cathal MacCarthy, 087-6168758

ICMSA Press Office