ICMSA to use meeting with Commissioner Hogan to press for ban on Brazilian meat imports after latest health scandal

20 Mar 2017 - Brussels, Belgium - Agriculture and Rural Development European Commissioner Phil Hogan meets with representatives of the ICMSA

The President of ICMSA, John Comer, said that the widely reported revelations about official bribery and sub-standard meats being knowingly exported were absolutely shocking and must mean an immediate ban on Brazilian beef and poultry imports into the EU until some degree of trust and confidence could be restored to the standards being applied in that nation's beef and poultry sectors.  Mr. Comer highlighted two factors that placed this scandal in a different category to the many that had preceded it:  “Firstly, we have to consider the scale of this alleged fraud and the reported extent of official involvement because it appears very considerable indeed and that has to mean a systemic problem which can only be countered by a systemic and independent investigation and verification of the produce that the Brazilians have been exporting. The second point – and it's even more alarming – is the extent and nature of the frauds in terms of the health risks we might be contemplating here: these are of the most serious kind and must be treated as an absolute priority. ICMSA has said on innumerable occasions that the EU insistence - a correct one, in our opinion - on the highest possible standards being applied to indigenous EU production of food only makes sense in a context where the food being imported into the EU is of similar quality and standards.  Otherwise what is the point? There's no point in operating our own certified farm-to-fork safety policy if we have even a remote possibility of this kind of stuff coming in from Brazil. ICMSA is meeting Commissioner Hogan this afternoon on CAP Reform and Brexit and we will now be asking the Commissioner what action we can expect in light of this latest evidence that places a huge question mark besides meat imports from Brazil. The response has to be immediate and it has to mean a complete cessation on meat imports from Brazil.”

Ends     20 March 2017.

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